Thursday, March 5, 2009

Well now.... That was a fair day.

Ok... the boys we sent to competition did not not do as well as I hoped. Not in the top three, and thats a surprise to me. I know these guys are sharp, so I guess the other competitors were sharper. Still, I am proud of them. Just might be able to wrangle them a scholarship anyway.... we shall see.

On a brighter note, we tested the class for PA State Inspection license certification (written) today. 86% of the class passed, and I am more than a little pleased with that. We usually have about 90% pass the written in my program, but this year h
as more than it's share of challenges and I am downright happy with the results so far. I thought it would be down at 75%.

Now.... they face the tactile testing which begins in another week or so. The hands on portion is harder, and the proctors are sticklers for proper procedure and catching rejectable safety items. My partner and I are the proctors...... (g).

Yup.... I'm happy with them, for the moment :-) School is a heavy slog right now, with many of the students hitting a fatigue wall. Today's test results were a powerful shot in the arm to most of the students, and that overcomes the inertia to a large e
xtent. My partner and I plan it that way... pound hard and drive them to do more than they think they can, and then hit them with this test and let them prove to themselves they can actually do it. For most of their school careers they have been allowed, even encouraged, to coast along with minimal effort. Not in our program...

I had more than a dozen boys shake my hand today, and almost that many said thanks. Some are beginning to get it, and that is deeply pleasing to me.

On a shooty note.... I stopped at a toy store on the way home, just to browse. There
was a Smith + Wesson 22a in the case that looked interesting (.22 semi), so I asked to take a look at it. The pistol was new in the case, but had been dried fired enough the firing pin had peened the upper edge of the chamber. I'm not sure it would have chambered a round without a little metal removed there. Sad....... and I handed it back to the man behind the counter.

For this evening, a dinner of lowly beans and rice.

Ok... so it's great northern beans baked with jasmine rice, flavored by sauteed onions and bacon, with stir fry porterhouse steak tidbits strewn on top after plating.

For tasty afters, some time relaxing with 'Gunsmithing Tips and Tricks' by Wolf publishing, circa 1989. This 400 page tome is packed with articles detailing various and sundry interesting things one can do on long lonely winter evenings...

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