Monday, March 23, 2009

Kindle electronic books........

.I'm not in the market for a Kindle, but if I was... the biggest reason would be to have this magazine delivered to me wirelessly each month, to be read on my electronic book reader.

It would just be...... RIGHT.

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Crucis said...

You might want to reconsider that Analog subscription.

I have subscribed to Analog continuously since 1961. I was in high school at the time and had to pay for the subscription out of my own pocket since Dad didn't think SF was suitable for family readers.

I have a near complete collection of Analog/Amazing magazines going back to the late '40s and some issues earlier than that.

I did not renew my subscription when it expired in December '08. For the last several years, it had become more and more politically correct being filled with global warming, evil businesses, and lately blatantly anti-American sentiments. It was just too much.

Conde Nast (sp?) circulation for all their publications have been shrinking. That has been true of all SF magazines, not just Analog.

It hurt to see a fine magazine like Analog be turned into just another liberal propaganda tool. But, all things come to an end. I'll not subscribe to Analog again.