Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday randomites......

'Tis Friday afternoon, and another school week is in the books. This week, I've seen some individual acts of intelligence that warmed my heart and remind me why I do this job. I've also seen some acts of hardheadedness that broke my newly warmed heart and roasted it over the BBQ grill on the Failboat to fail island.

It's Friday afternoon.... and I am going to wash the week away in a hot shower and spend the next two days with my head some place, ANY place else besides school.

Tomorrow, a gun show at our club, accompanied by the middle heir. Of course he will want stuff, but that's his problem. I'll be busy dealing with my own lackacash issues.
What am I looking for? Nothing special, I just like gun shows. Perhaps a used Lyman bullet mold in .356" or .452". I'd like to try casting solid silver bullets, and my Lee molds won't take that kind of heat (2000 f). Also, maybe a used press I can give away to a friend. I saw a Lyman turret press there last time and didn't jump on it. I regret that now.

Sunday, a promise to youngest heir to help with a school project. If he still wants to, that is. Up to him..... his grade is all his, good or bad.

Tonight.... nothing special. After this week I'm a little mind numbed. Perhaps I'll look into my reloading supplies and see what lacks... although I know the list will be long. The 'wants' are not matched by the 'can affords' (g). There is a military rifle match next weekend, and I may build some 8x57 for it.... If the muse strikes. I shot the last one with surplus, and did fair. I may do so again.

Friends, it's been a hard week in teacher land, and not an easy one to explain. So.... time to relax. In fact... it starts now...... :-)

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Enjoy the show :-)