Friday, March 13, 2009

It's 6:30 am. I leave for school in fifteen minutes.

So far this morning, I have not been able to summon the intellectual wherewithal to master socks yet, and in an hour I need to have a plan for motivating teenagers to work hard.... on a Friday.

"Clean up! Aisle two!"


Anonymous said...

Oh, indeed. I gave two midterms this week, and I am fried beyond belief.

Shrugged said...

We ran our class through State Inspection certification written testing. 86% passed.

The last few days.... we are doing hands on Tactile testing. So far, just under 50% are passing.


Anonymous said...

Were you up by Shady Maple today, Carteach?

Shrugged said...

Nope Cranky, not a chance. I was slogging through an emotional roller coaster as I proctored students in their tactile testing. Game face on, making notes on every move they made, growling inside at every mistake, smiling inside at every correct judgment.

Looking forward to a hot shower and a relaxing evening!