Saturday, February 28, 2009

Saturday morning.... ahhhhhhh

Peace reins, at least for the moment. After a very long, and very hard week I am prepared to relax today. Maybe later, a trip the range, and even that will be relaxing. For now.... sipping coffee and savoring life.

There is peppered bacon in the fridge, and the thought of johnny cakes is nibbling at the hungrier corners of my mind. After reading of Navajo Fry Bread last night, my stomach has been rumbling in a most pointed way.

Tonight... steak and salad I think.

For the rest of the day, the possibilities are myriad. Maybe range time, and certainly taking photographs for a Carteach0 article. Certainly time relaxing with a book, and maybe a chance to view that new DVD from Crimson Trace.

The weather is shaping up for a night of snow and ice, but today... is looking pretty sweet.


Bacon and johnny cakes happened... and the people were pleased. The dog was pleased. I was pleased too (g).

Peppered premium bacon and Johnny cakes cooked in the bacon coated pan. Made with fresh ground corn meal, free range eggs, and cream, the johnny cakes have their own inerrant sweetness and really don't need syrup. A little butter adds overkill to the richness, and helps turn humble corn meal pancakes into fine pastry.

And... theres bacon involved, so it can't be less than great!

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