Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Just now, I am glad I live where I live


Hmm...... Possible attacks by extremist whackos on mainland USA.

I guess that was always a maybe... although I am certain it is now a much stronger maybe. With our economic issues coupled with an utter lack of principled and experienced national leadership, there will never be a better time to attack than now. Not only would the blow be severe all out of proportion to the investment, but the chances of competent retaliation are minimal.

Short of a nuclear or biochem terror attack, I think I live in a pretty good place just now. Nothing around here is that big a target, the local media is worthless, and too many people are reasonably well armed. A Mumbai style attack stands a fair chance of being a nasty public failure for the bad guys. They are far better off in a major city with lots of unarmed liberal targets and a lap dog media drooling to report their actions worldwide.

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