Thursday, February 26, 2009

Half way..... made it half way....

In a week made up of 12-14 hour days, the half way point takes on special significance. It heralds survival.... and thats a good thing.

Working these hours is a trial. It's physically exhausting, and it keeps me out of contact with people I care about. Neither is fun. On the plus side of the ledger... the boys we are training stand a fair chance in the competition. If they do well, it's going to mean a lot to them.

This weekend... I'm hoping to just relax and recover. Next week is going to be long and stressful in it's own right, so a little rest will be a good idea. Towards that end, maybe only one trip to the range, and some extra bacon for breakfast (g).

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Pho said...

Had my bacon this morning. It was good, because life is good, right now, this moment. Yesterday I bought some powder and bulk bullets - feeling good about that, carry over to today. Had eggs and toast too! Not a single ounce of guilt or dismay. It's a beautiful day!