Sunday, January 18, 2009

The worst thing that could happen to America

Barack Husein Obama needs to stay alive. His death, by assassination, would tear this nation into pieces. We was elected in part by people who have already proven their ability to be stupid, mean, greedy, and violent. Should he be removed from office by a very sudden metal poisoning, it would be like a match to gasoline. A vast lake of gasoline.... spreading within a dozen urban areas around this country.

Now, Barack is waving the matches around. He has announced plans to keep his candidate organization alive and strong. It appears he will use his cult of personality to fire this organization to pressure Congress (at first). Not Republicans, for they are out of power on all fronts. No... this organization will be tasked with leaning on Obama's brethren Democrats in Congress, in an effort to coerce them into doing BHO's bidding.

I don't think that will go over well. In fact, I suspect it will be akin to Kennedy's act of ordering our nation back to a silver and gold standard. It was shortly after that Kennedy had his own very sudden metal poisoning.

The Democrats in Congress waged a long, careful, and dirty campaign to put that shyster in the presidency. They didn't do it so Barack Husein Obama could order them around, but so that they could pull his strings. Somewhere along the way Obama got it into his head that he really is some kind of leader, and really should be running things. He, to put it bluntly, believes his own campaign lies.

I think there are some some very powerful Democrats who are thinking how much easier it would be to deal with Joe Biden, should he suddenly be president. Biden has shown no indication he thinks he's any more special than the crook he's always been his whole career. A nice, safe, greedy crook who will go along in order to get along, and who will take orders just like he always has.

Conspiracy theory? Maybe. Maybe just flights of dark fancy. But.... If I were Obama...... I wouldn't stay out in the open too long, or stand still very long. His 'friends' are cold and calculating people.

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