Sunday, January 18, 2009

Rifle match!

This afternoon is the first Military Rifle Match of the season. Many of them follow themes, and January's is always 'Battle of the Bulge'. I've elected to take along my Yugoslavian Mauser, as its as close as I can come to a German K-98.

I'd prefer to be shooting with the allied forces, using my Garand.... if I owned one. Some day..... (Here would be a great place to insert a hint, for anyone with a spare Garand and an overabundant charitable outlook (g))

I could have chosen my Enfield #4mkII, as that would have suited for an Allied weapon on the Gallant Brit side (before they sold their collective souls to a liberal nanny state). I decided otherwise as the only ammunition I have in abundance for it is some nasty Greek stuff. It copper fouls the bore like mad, and isn't particularly accurate.

Then again, I could have gone renegade, like I did two years ago, and brought the trusty old Russian 91/30! It has serious cold weather creds.

Nope.... it's a Mauser day. Now I'm off to the range. With luck, some photos may follow. Ya'll have a nice day, ya here?


Somerled said...

Art, I've thought about trying those 60-grain sub-sonics. I guess I needn't bother. You did all the work for me. Hopefully your son will find new opportunities soon. His skills are still in demand, maybe more so. I've been fixing quite a few computers people would simply dispose of a few months ago. Not having health insurance is scary.

You might head to Port Hudson and pick up a Garand before the new administration hacks the remaining ones to bits.

Old NFO said...

Art, enjoy the shoot!