Thursday, January 8, 2009

Space 'noise'?

Read this article... and a thought came to mind.

Kzinti, decelerating.

Wonder what rifle we'd use for Mutant ninja space zombie Kzinti?


Anthony said...

I read that article as well.

I thought two things, Reevers or Wraiths.

Carteach0 said...

I thought of both as well, but the noise is a dead giveaway of poor technology. The Reavers have unshielded drives, but still they are modern ones. The Wraith would just show up and we'd never have a clue till they started the harvest.

Now Kzinti... they ALWAYS leap before they are ready... and that means their technology is often faulty. They would also be sure our military technology would be no match for theirs, so they would not hide their drive emissions. They like to spook the prey, so the chase is more enjoyable.

Old NFO said...

I know Kogut and Seiffert. This also has some 'other' ramifications when added to the solar flare issues... sigh... Get ready to lose GPS for about 4-5 months or more if things work (or don't) as expected.