Saturday, January 3, 2009

Looking back a year...... Relationship advice for women

It's 2009... and I have managed to slide into a new year with absolutely no fuss at all. I've suffered no parties and no conflicts.... just the company of good people I care about. Not only is that enough, it's valuable beyond measure.

Thanks to blogging, I have the ability to look back a year and see what I was writing at the time. Not quite to the day, I found the following post. I'm certain I had done something pretty stupid... but that is such a wide field of opportunity.... I can only guess which individual act spurred this post.

I would like to take this opportunity to point out, on behalf of men everywhere, a few simple points.

As 'guys' we need to be handled carefully. Especially by the other side of the aisle. Ladies.... a few things to consider... that might help at the oddest times.

You must understand... Guys have limitations, and strong points. Good and bad, special and common, it's the mix of these points that make each guy what he is.

Guys are thick about certain issues. No matter how 'sensitive' we seem to be, it's to be expected we will miss some things. On occasion.... the loving touch of a two by four might be required to redirect us towards what you want noticed. Even then, some wind up, maybe a few spot lights, highlights, and bold type will help the cause.

Guys can be a bit childlike at times, no matter their age. Once involved in play, we don't want to come home. Even the 'home' of the serious side of the conversation. Play is important to us, for all sorts of reasons. Mostly because it's fun, and we are partly just big kids. Did I mention that already? Once we are involved in play.... an amount of coaxing is required, once again, to redirect us towards the goal. The better the play, the stronger the redirection will have to be. If the play is going too well... best to just play along and tackle the 'issue' a little later.

Guys usually need a moment to deal with.... ah.... singular events needing nearly perfect responses. If the guys response is highly valued, time must be given for it to formulate. If not.... said guy might respond poorly, ruining said moment. Surely, guy will be sorry later, but that won't return the moment. Give him time... but not enough to start playing again.

Guys have a very deep capacity for love. It's just buried under a lot of other crap. It's a sad situation, but sometimes you have to dig through the crap to get to the treasure. Once found, it's usually worth it.

Guys can't help being... guys. It might be fun to punish us for it, but it really is pointless. Might as well kick a dog for being furry... and you would never do that, would you? Better to try and train us. More fun, and sometimes it actually works.

Contrary to popular notion, when some guys say they love you, they mean it more than you could possibly know.

And that, my friends, is the way it is, at least from my viewpoint. Take heed ladies... it's not often the truth of the situation will be so plainly displayed.


Brigid said...

I do believe I remember that post, and what started it. for you.

You know. Since we women never forget. :-)

Jean said...

From my side, the ones who said 'I love you' never meant it. If there were ever any who actually did... I never knew it.

I've given up expecting love in this lifetime.