Friday, December 5, 2008

What we do for our kids....

Near the close of the school day I found a voice mail from one of my boys. His car had no heat, and he hoped I could look at it.

It's going to 20 degrees tonight, and he hauls wife and young semi-humans in that car. No heat = not good. The thing is... the boy drives a newer Chevrolet Monte Carlo, and nothing under that hood is easy to get to.

He arrived just after I got done with some chores setting up for tomorrows scholarship fund raiser (where I'll be working instead of deer hunting). As I'd suggested, he bought a new thermostat and coolant on the way over.

Whatever engineer designed this mess of a cooling system needs to go back to playing with trains.

Only two bolts, a hose, and one line fitting. Riiiiight..... easy. Except both bolts are one finger specials. Bolts so placed, that you can either see them with a flashlight, or touch them with one finger. You can't do both at the same time..... so choose wisely. In this case it was only through telekinesis and the ability to see with my fingertips that the job got done. It took an even hour to remove two bolts, clean the parts, and install a new thermostat. Another thirty minutes of topping off, clearing computer codes, and checking system operation.

Shazam.... the car had heat.

The strangest part of the ordeal was finding the engine had no thermostat in it on arrival. None. Zippo, Nada. That means somebody had done the same nasty job I just got done doing, only to leave out the $14 part at the heart of the system.

People confuse me at times.......


Christina LMT said...

Most people confuse me. That said, it was very kind of you to help out your student. Kudos to you!

Old NFO said...

Not surprised... We had a Dodge pickup as a duty truck, real bouncy in the front end. Reason- NO shocks installed... It was riding on the springs only!

Shrugged said...

Lol.... we've pulled the shocks off a Lincoln on purpose, just to demonstrate what a shock absorber does. It was a hoot!