Thursday, December 4, 2008

The things you see when you have a camera in your hands

These students were using a long pry bar to gain leverage on a Ford ball joint that was stuck. Yes, the young man laying on the floor could have made a better choice on where to place his face. He might have lost his knick name of 'pretty boy'. (Crack! WHAM... Uh OH!)

I spend much of my day trying to prevent teenage boys from injuring themselves in weird and wonderful ways. Sometimes they are like Labrador Puppies in that..... not too sharp till they get to a certain age, then the brain cells kick into gear. Some never reach that point, but liberals have to come from someplace.

Today my partner took the tour group presentations (!!) and I ran the class in our lab area. Just me and forty five of our angels.... at a dead run all day. Showing weakness in front of the students will never do, but right about now I could easily just lay down on the floor for a few days (g).

Dinner for the usual suspects was oven roasted sweet sausage and onions over vermicelli with a sauce heavy on garlic and herbs. Simple fare and easy for me to make. Now, I think a glass of wine to dull the aches, while browsing my blog friends sites. All in all.... a pretty good day.


Old NFO said...

hehehe- trade ya! I'm looking at a pack of Oreos for dinner with a fine vintage Dr. Pepper... sigh...

Christina LMT said...

OMG. I'm glad this didn't end in a debacle. I can only imagine if the car had fallen...OUCH.

Shrugged said...

Christina... the van was well supported by heavy stands. It's normal procedure, and one of the first things we teach the angels.
In all the time I've been teaching, we have dropped only one vehicle. That was because a lift hydraulic valve failed... no a student error. No one hurt, and it resulted in 15 new lifts being installed free by Snap On.

The picture here skews perspective a little. If pretty boy had been in real danger I would have dragged him out by his heels. (g)

Christina LMT said...

*whew* Yeah, the picture is a tad misleading! But very dramatic...;)