Sunday, December 14, 2008

Blintzes! Oh My!

Okay.... try this on for size.

, with sweet and creamy cheese filling, strawberries, and raspberry syrup.

For the pancakes, a very thin batter of Bisquick made with fresh eggs and condensed milk, vanilla, and powdered sugar. All whisked together gently so as not to raise the gluten and toughen the pancakes. This is the old Bisquick that's bad for you. Therefore it has flavor. Lots of it. Mix everything but the Bisquick well, then stir in the Bisquick quickly till its just blended.

Let the batter rest for a good twenty minutes to hydrate and raise while you make the filling. A thin crepe batter is w
hat's required, not a thicker pancake viscosity. The thickness can be adjusted with a bit of water if needed.

The pancakes are cooked till nicely browned but still tender. They can't be crisped or they won't lovingly wrap the filli
ng in just the right way.

The filling: Whole milk ricotta cheese, Philadelphia traditional cream cheese, powdered sugar, real vanilla (a tad too much is best), and fresh grated nutmeg, (again, a tad too much). Blend till smooth and creamy, then refrigerate while making the pancakes. This will help it stay firm when cooked in the Blintz. I like to blend chopped berries right into the filling, unless cooking for someone who can't eat berries.

Make the pancakes in a hot pan, watching closely. Flip when just browned, with care to keep them tender and moist. As they fi
nish lay them aside to cool. I place three plates on the counter, and lay the freshly cooked pancake on the first plate. Once it cools a touch, it gets flipped to the second cold plate. Once cool on the second plate, it gets filled and folded, then set on the third plate to await it's sweet destiny. This is what I do while watching the pancakes cook. It's a fast assembly station that allows the cook to stay on top of the job. Having the pancakes cool lets them be handled, and not melt the sweet creamy cheese filling while the blintzes are laying there, ready for the last browning. Yes, they are cooked one more time.

Once all the pancakes are made, the dog having the last one (traditional), and all filled and rolled, the diners must be called to the table. It goes very fast from here.

Grease a fairly hot pan... butter tastes best but if used the heat must be lowered or it will burn. The blintzes are laid gently in the pan, only two at a time (a serving). Once they sizzle and turn GBD on one side, flip and cook till the other side is the same. (GBD= Golden brown and delicious).

Plate the blintzes, top with strawberries and raspberry syrup, and serve. Move quickly to do the next serving before fights break out. Whipped cream optional for both the blintzes and the fighting.

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