Sunday, December 14, 2008

Browsing interwebs in a shoppish way


As I wake slowly, cup of coffee in hand, browsing the interwebs and looking at toy-like stuff... Come along with me (g)

Now, I'm not usually one to 'shop', as in browse around a bunch of buyable goods in search of something I never knew I couldn't live without. Shooty stuff, sure, but thats not shopping. That's 'research'.

In this case, a friend asked my opinion on a Christmas gift kind of thing, which then had me looking up suitable items and sites to recommend.


I stumbled across this little wonder. A steam punk multi-tool right out of the box. Who doesn't need a guppy shaped adjustable wrench hanging off their belt at all times?

And then there is this thing, of which I don't own anything comparable. I usually time my shot strings with a calendar. I know I should get one, eventually, but good shot timers cost $100+, and thats money that could be spent on reloading supplies or traveling to see friends or.......

Now, THIS jewel is turning into a serious want. I'm a believer in having a decent flashlight handy. The tougher the better, the brighter the better, and the easier on batteries the better. That means Luxeon LED lights. I own a few one-watt'ers and a five watt job as well. These things put other flashlights to shame in every way. I use a one watt/2-AA cell light in school every day, and it eats maybe two sets of batteries a year. I drop it on concrete floors... I even loan it to teenagers.... and it just keeps on blinding people (g) and has for a few years. The five watt light takes CR123 batteries, and eats them quicker, so I reserve it to more serious use. It's lit the way through many a power outage, night time search, and vehicle accident. The one shown in the link above is five watts on AA cells, and cheap to feed. I'ma tinkin I needs one a dem..... (g)

Browsing the S+W stuff (could not help myself), I came across this knife. That's a 'hunting' knife? Maybe if the knife itself is the weapon being used to bring down big game! I've done my share of hunting, both big game and littlins, and over the years my 'hunting knife' gear has devolved into a Schrade sharp finger and a disposable razor knife wrapped in spare paper towels. Who needs a huge double edged fighting knife to hunt wabbits?

After making fun of the 'hunting knife' above, like a Frenchman in a castle, I decided to look at what knife I would like to carry. That led me to this kinda kewl Cold steel tanto blade folder. Me likey velly much. Not enough to spend the cash and replace my Gerber Paraframe, but I still likey. Now, if I was to replace the Gerber... it would probably be with another Gerber. That being the Applegate-Fairborn folder...... 'Tis a nice one..... :-)

Enough toy viewing for the morning. I think a good breakfast is in order, followed by a trip to the range. Sunny, blue skies, low forties....... time to make some smoke!


Shrugged said...

Santa has other folks to worry about (g). This post isn't about Christmas want lists, and I'll be cross if it's taken that way :-)

I like that light too... but I won't bring myself to spend the $$ when I already have a perfectly good one. I must have a bit of the Scottish in me someplace.... or a bit of skittish anyway.

Old NFO said...

I carry one of those flashlights in my briefcase, they DO work well! Just got back from the range :-) 250 rounds of .45, 200 rounds of .223 and a good time was had by all! Now I gotta clean em...sigh...

Pat Houseworth said...

The 3 Stooges have been my favorite since the late 50s when the still were showing "shorts' at the Venice Theater in Venice, Florida, where I grew up.

Love em' because you never had to think...just enjoy.