Thursday, November 13, 2008

The ride to work

I was thinking.... almost every week I stop on the way to work because something catches my eye. Out comes the Canon....

I might make this a regular post.... "The ride to work" in celebration of the place I live.


Jacob said...

u r blog Is very nice

Anthony said...

I have to say, today I was looking at your blog, as I do just about everyday, and I was thinking to myself how familiar the color scheme and layout looked. And then I thought how you and another blog I read discuss very similar things. And then I went to this other blog and realized they are both your blogs! I have been reading Bear on a Bicycle and CarTeach0 for a long time now and never put the two together lol. I only realized because I was thinking how you seem to teach at some sort of trade school which I am assuming is for people to become mechanics, and my brother is going to school to be a mechanic and we live in PA. So as I thought to myself how interesting it would be if he attended your school I second guessed myself as to whether it was this blog or the other blog....turns out they are one in the same.

Well I will continue to read both lol.