Thursday, November 13, 2008

Happy dance!

Two student interaction incidents today.....

1) A student hands me a rather large open book exam I had given him, which he had just self graded. His comment...... "It's really not hard to do when you open the book and actually try to get them right".



2) I am signing off a student on his sixth of ten sets of voltage drop testing.
He says "This is really mad easy now, and I was scared of it when I started".



(quiet internal happy dance..... (g))

Oh... today's 'Uhg' moment....
I thought I would be free of evening class (emissions recert) as we only had three people signed up. That's not enough to break even, and usually means a reschedule.

Nope.... ALL THREE have expired licenses, and one is a retake. Nobody fails a recert, not in three years, except this guy. That means I have an evening with three gomers who ain't bright enough to get recerted within their three month window, but wait till their license is expired and their job threatened.

They are almost as dumb as I am. Sigh..........

Oh well.... I had no plans anyway. Just a hot shower, a big mug of Dargeeling tea, and some time spent talking with...... double sigh......

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Old NFO said...

Yep, it's NICE when a plan comes together :-)