Monday, November 24, 2008

Moss Agate

I can hardly call it work... when I enjoy doing it so much. Working with stones, that is.....

Home from a hard day of beating teenagers about the head and neck (searching for an opening to insert knowledge into), I spent a few enjoyable hours working in the shop.

This started as a rough chunk of moss agate, which I sliced on a diamond saw. From there, six stages of polishing wheel, a few moments with a wire wheel, several anxious seconds with a diamond bit, and finally another thirty minutes figuring out how to hang it with silver wire.

Voila! A moss agate pendant!

(There is a triangle of silver wire on the reverse side, soldered in place to keep the mount stable.)

Clicken to embiggen.


Christina LMT said...


Shrugged said...

Thank you Christina!

A piece like this gets mixed reviews. Everyone seems to like the stone, but as jewelry there seems to be no middle ground. I get 'Meh' or I get 'I WANT that'