Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Just a few more images from the redneck races. Fun day!

These racers are nothing but a hot rodded Caprice
chassis with a plastic body on it. One can be fielded for
about $7000, and compete well for not more
than that. They are restricted though, and most
cars are closely matched.

"You ain't smoking in my truck! I 'tol ya that a thousand times!"

I did not see what caused this one, but I think it was a
one car accident. After it was rolled off it's lid in
the pits I noticed it had two snapped lower
ball joints. Cheap parts strike again!
Naturally the opportunity was not wasted, and
two other cars went metal to metal in the pack
behind it, taking out a Lincoln and wounding a Chevy.

This tire and wheel fell off a car, and then rolled
across the track right into this officials hands.
He didn't even have to take one step, just reach
down and catch it. It was beautiful!


aepilot_jim said...

How many times did you hear, "Hold my beer and watch this."

Old NFO said...

Bet it was fun! I'm miss going to the local short track, the racing the fights in the pits, the fights in the stands...sigh... :-)

Shrugged says: said...

Jim.... not once, as shocking as it sounds. It's a dry pit, and no slacking on that. These guys all want to home after the fun, in one piece.

Old NFO.... it was real hoot. I'll go back again the next time my budy races, if I am free. No fights in the pits or on the track, although it did get.. a bit testy.... after that one car landed on it's roof.

In looking over the photos, I realized that car was the one they kept reving up and playing with while the national anthem was being sung. A hundred rednecks with hands over their hearts, and meaning it..... and this guy kept playing ricky racer. It just MAY be that had something to do with the wreck.... but thats just a guess.