Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Hope I didn't slam the door....

Our instructor 'break room' (snort) is an oversized closet area at the back of one programs theory room. It's big enough for a desk and computer, a fridge, and a table that six can sit comfortably at. We keep it looking rather prison-like, so the tie guys are less likely to take it away from us. It's all we have for the 30 or so instructors in the building.

I had a sinking feeling as I quietly moved through the class room (in session) towards our break room, lunch in hand. There were voices coming through the door.... where none should have been. Instructors would have been quiet, out of respect for the class in session.

Opening the door, I found a meeting going on, in the only room we had for lunch. We have several conference rooms, but I guess they were too far away to walk. Ties cutting down blood flow to the brain and all.....

To hell with it. I'll sit at my desk and browse blogs rather than work over lunch as usual.

Bitter? Yup. (snarl)


I checked, and nobody noticed my pissedoffedness at the meeting, although they did break it up after another six or eight instructors interupted them by trying to find a place to eat lunch. Maybe they were able to survive the journey down the hall to the dedicated conference room without losing too many on the voyage. Hope none wandered off into the wilds, what with the rooms being line of sight and all. (Snark mode off).

Now, evening class again. I have to admit.... as much as I like teaching the emissions certification, I'm just not enjoying the class that much any more. The material is unchanged after two years, and now the students are starting to blend together too. Hmm........ might be time to change the evening teaching gig.

Ah well.... no hoohoo. It'll be all good for now, and some VERY good days are coming shortly. Thanksgiving is coming along fast, and I expect to enjoy that beyond measure. A few days, spent in the best way possible.

Later my friends.... I hear students approaching.... (shhhhhh).


Christina LMT said...

I don't blame you for feeling bitter. Your breakroom sounds like mine, except mine doesn't have a desk or table, just a counter with "lockers" underneath (just cupboards and drawers with locks on 'em), plus a few chairs and our mailboxes. And LOTS of memos taped or pinned to the walls, everywhere. Then again, we have a lot fewer people to share it with! Try to enjoy your lunches anyway, and maybe put a sign up on the door: No Ties Allowed!

Shrugged says: said...

Aww... lunch was fine at my desk. It's a good desk, with a wonderful place to put my feet up :-)

I have my own anti-tie routine for our lunch break, short as it is. The thing is.... we have to be in there first. It goes like this:
At the first sign of a tie... "I'm GLAD you are here! We were just talking about the budget for XXX and we need some questions answered by somebody in charge".

They usually leave a weak vapor trail as they flee from any indication of responsability.

Just caught me at a cranky moment today. We had moments before ended a very dissapointing tesing session with our angels... and at half had failed an *open book* test...... I was in a very poor mood. Wish I had hidden it better.

William the Coroner said...

You could always try the passive agressive approach of just coming in and eating.

Or singing "Why are we waiting?" to the tune of O Come All Ye Faithful

Or the pathologists favorite, going in and giving an impromptu lecture on skin diseases. Clears a room every time.

Old NFO said...

LOL- Our break room has exactly one, count it, one chair in it, and a table two 'might' fit comfortably at... I get yelled at all the time because I leave the building for lunch, but I'm NOT eating at my desk.

Shrugged says: said...

William... I have done the 'just go in and eat' thing before. Usually to standing room only. It helps to have a slightly maniacal expression on your face.

My other favorite is Tuna fish.... We keep cans of it in the cabinet as hard stores, in case a lunch is forgotten or a rush dinner is needed. Good quality protien that can be eaten in a hurry. Just open the can, drain in the trash can, and eat it right out of the can. The room quickly fills with the aroma of canned fish.. which seems to curl ties in suggestive manners.

I actually enjoy doing that last one... :-)