Saturday, November 1, 2008

H/T to 'The Breda'.

This is preaching to the choir, I know. What few readers I have, 90% are shooters and 95% will not be voting for the Obamesia.

No... not trying to sway votes here. Merely to enforce what you already know about the man, and that you might consider any changes to be made should he assume power. If/when he is sworn in, he'll have to deal with a Congress who's goals will be far different than his, but they may come together on this topic. History shows the quote is true. "No mans life, liberty, or happiness is safe while Congress is in session". Especially if they have his pen waiting at the end of the trail.

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Anthony said...

I I I I...uh....I don't believe, uh..uh...I I I I am certain the federal government does not have the authority to ban concealed carry, or guns for that matter. At least that is what my Constitution says.