Friday, November 21, 2008

First snow of the season

I woke to quiet.. the sort of quiet that only has one meaning. Soft silence that heralds a new fallen snow. This morning, the first snow of the season.

Leaving a little early to allow for slow travel, I had an opportunity to test both four wheel drive and antilock brakes within the first eighth of a mile. Snow had given way to sleet at some point, and the road was, as we say around here in a Dutchy accent.... 'Kinda slicky'.

Eight students found cause to miss school this snowy Friday, but that left us plenty to amuse ourselves with.
My favorite ploy of the first snow with each new class is to explain our schools snow policy.

"The schools main concern is student safety. Since we pull students from so many schools, and they never coordinate their busing on early dismissals, this schools policy is simple. If the roads are dangerous enough to warrant an early dismissal, then they are too dangerous for most inexperienced teenage drivers to travel on. In that case the school will require you to bunk in here for the night, and everyone goes into lockdown for their own safety."

The look of shock is worth it, if nothing else. (g)

Home this evening, the snow has my mind turned to music... Christmas season music. I'm burning some CD's to keep me company on travels.... and here's a song to share. Take my advice... Crank it up!


ksr said...

It was a beautiful snow, especially throughout the day from inside the buildings. Nice song.

Christina LMT said...

Snow and ice are the two main reasons I moved to Las Vegas. I hate the cold!

M*A said...

Love the snow as long as I'm not driving in it...and tickets came in the mail yesterday!!