Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The morning ride

Some mornings the fog lays heavy on the land. Hiding the colors and burying the contrasts, leaving nothing but hints of the reality beneath the shifting vapors.

Who's to say what's really there?
Perhaps another world lurks just within the edge... waiting for the unwary traveler.


Brigid said...

That fog reminds me of this Outer Limits episode. I was probably in first grade, a babysitter let us watch it, and it scared the *(#* out of me for the longest time.

Shrugged says: said...

I recall a story.... maybe Arthur Clark.... about a foggy night

The fog envelopes the bar... and a man moves to leave. Another stops him and tells a tale... of how worlds slip and the fog marks the lines where they blend...

It was a good story and I've never looked at the fog the same.

Somerled said...

My daughter has a term, "Amish Rush Hour" for "another world" lurking just within the edge. Watch out for slow-moving vehicles, teacher, on the way to school.

Hopefully you're feeling better today. The kids haven't brought home any fall plagues from high school yet.