Thursday, September 25, 2008

A whole day later, and crazy Joe hasn't given me a new laugh yet... Darn

Up and at 'em! Time to make the donuts again!

A whole night has gone past, and nothing in the news about Crazy Joe shoving his foot in ankle deep again. He must have taken the day off or something.

Today we cover some engine diagnostics, a little test review, and then release them into the wilds of the lab area. My partner and I will circle like sharks, swooping in to educate, prod, and pontificate as needed. It will be one of the 'four miles without leaving the shop' days. I like those... it's the fun part of working with kids.

This evening... another adult class, and my last of the month. Emissions recertification this time, and an easy one it is. I'll be home by 8pm most likely, and staring an easy Friday right in it's beady little eyes. Also facing a rainy weekend, so might just be forced to relax a few days.

Aww... shucks.


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Somerled said...

Find some old transcripts or tapes of the Senate Judiciary Committee hearings with Clarence Thomas. Some of those questions Joe asked made it plain why he ranked 76th of 85 students in his 1968 Syracuse law school class.

I wonder if plagiarism raised or lowered that stat. Joe was caught only once during his first year--the "unintentional" copying of 5 out of 15 pages of a law review article.