Friday, September 26, 2008

I'm headed to the hospital tomorrow.

Sometime soon, maybe by tomorrow morning, I will be a grandfather.

Not sure what that means overall, but I think it means I get to spoil a little kid and make his father (my son) as miserable as I was.

I'm going to buy one of those pull along toys that makes popping sounds.... and take it to the hospital with me. No reason to waste time.

I'd like to be more excited.... and maybe I will be tomorrow. Right now, exhaustion rules. I've put in 140 hours in the last two weeks, and a busy weekend in between. Challenging students, challenging days, and so much to deliver in every class.

Now.... it's time to just sit back a while and savor a moment with no pressures.


Jean said...

Grandpa?? oh, what fun!

Congratulations and I hope all goes well tomorrow.

Somerled said...

Your mindset will change the second you pick that grand baby up and feel his check against yours. He'll probably be dragging off your tools before long. Enjoy him at all stages.

Both my grandfathers were gone by the time I was born. I've been told I'm a lot like my paternal grandfather. I still wonder what it would have been like to have had even one. Your grandson won't have to wonder.

Brigid said...

I'm going for the toy drums myself, when it's time.

Shrugged says: said...

(not a grandpa yet)

Brigid... my very first thought was the drum.... then I recalled I can teach the little bugger to bang on pots instead, and nobody will hide the pots in an attic closet next to the other noisy toys.

No... that pull along poppy thing.... that had to be the most annoying toy ever designed. I might get home two.