Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sitemeter attempts to slow the swirl

Somebody at Sitemeter grew a brain cell. They are killing the 'upgrade' that began driving away customers in maddened hordes. I figured it would take them 48 hours to turn back, but looks more like 12 hours.

My thoughts..... too little and too late. They lost a lot of users when they killed millions of sites a few months back, and my guess is a larger number will leave over this.

I know I have.... StatCounter is better, faster, and gives better data for free.
Guess I should thank Sitemeter for forcing me to go have a look....


(Note.... Sitemeter is no longer on Da Bear.....)

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pat houseworth said...

I wondered what the Hell was going on when I saw the "Old" SM on my blog this morning....