Sunday, August 17, 2008

This is the only way I can afford to shoot as much as I like....

Besides, casting my own bullets is seriously enjoyable.

This is an hours work with two new gang molds I am trying out. LEE six holers, one in .45acp, and another for 9mm.
I haven't measured them yet, but there is a chance the 9mm bullets are wide enough to shoot in my .38 as well.

Now all I have to do is find my blasted lubrisizer dies.....


Anthony said...

Fantastic. I am trying to learn how to cast my own bullets and how to hand load. I have a feeling with the rising cost of ammo, and the fact that I am a college student will seriously damper my shooting as I start out in the shooting world.

Any idea how I could learn to do this, or at least how I can learn to hand load?

Again, I really enjoy your blog here. It is entertaining.


Shrugged says: said...

Well, it wouldn't hurt to start out with a few good manuals.

To begin casting, Lyman has a heck of a book which will get you started.
For reloading, LEE has a manual that's untouched. I would suggest getting both and reading them cover to cover before doing anything else.

Also try reading Carteach0 from my blog roll.

Anthony said...

Thank you kindly. I appreciate the point in that direction, but just to let you know my fiance does not like you right now lol...she does not like the idea of me tinkering with stuff...says I might blow something up lol

Respectfully and full of appreciation,