Monday, August 18, 2008

School starts today!

Well, it does for me anyway. I'll be in school all this week getting ready for my little angels, and also teaching evening class the next three days. The kids begin next Monday, unless they start Tuesday, or maybe even the following week. Since our students come from 16 different sending schools, each having it's own idea of when the school year starts, we just take it in the shorts.

Oh Well...... such is life.

To celebrate, I shot a military rifle shoot this weekend. Here are some random images from the match. None are of me.... since I usually go alone. Hard to ask people having their own fun to take photos of me having some too. (g).

The target is my prone slow fire stage, along with the old Mauser I shoot in the matches. Just me and my cheap old beater up against them all them high dollar AR's and M1A's. One of the shooters named my iron 'The Sleeper'. Not sure why :-).

This match, it took me the first half to get back in the groove. That's what comes of not practicing all summer. Finally, the last stage, it all fell into place and the bullets started landing in the black.

One day I'll upgrade to a nice Garand or something, climbing 50 years closer to the present.

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pat houseworth said...

Yep, same here in western Ohio. Wife starts back for year #20 and the youngest begins his Grad work at Wright State, which includes sub teaching/studen teaching at Fairborn High School.

Meanwhile I will continue to enjoy the ill gotten fruit of early retirment, by officiating football, now that baseball season is over.

Enjoy your class time!