Thursday, August 28, 2008

Steak and Taters

I've eaten salads all week.... in response to meteoric weight gain over the summer. Life has been good to me, most of the time. Eating my own cooking, and that of my best friend (an amazing chef).

In four days I've lost four pounds of flabber. Flabber is worse than flab, but with less value than blubber. At least blubber is good for insulation and energy... Flabber just sits there between you and the pants that used to fit decently.

This evening I rewarded myself with a nice healthy meal..... Grilled steak with roast potatoes and onions. Healthy, as in soul healthy. Like no head of lettuce ever can, a perfectly grilled steak reminds of why life is so good.

This plate:
Red potatoes and sliced onions, slow roasted on the grill in an iron fry pan with real butter. Sprinkled with fresh ground pepper and sea salt, stirred occasionally to brown evenly. Simple, but incredibly tasty with the browned onions joining the roasted potatoes in an earthy symphony of flavor.

The steak..... so simple. Lightly salted, then seared a few minutes on each side, on a screaming hot grill (500+ degrees). Allowed to rest a few more minutes, it's a perfect medium rare with gorgeous grill marks burned on. Juicy and tender, slicing so easily and offering a taste that drags a man back thousands of years to a wilderness campfire after the hunt.


And I EARNED it..... and to all the blasted socialists who want a piece of my pie...
Bake your own damn pie and leave mine alone!
( a phrase borrowed from Brigid..... and best read at the source...)

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