Friday, August 29, 2008

A comment on Obama and Socialism

On another Blog, a commenter had denigrated this post by Brigid, using some poor words to describe her personally. (Note... it was a commenter, not the blog author, who seems pretty sharp). While my instinct is to let such a poor excuse for humanity wallow in his own stink, I could not let it pass this time. Here I copy my response to his comment........

"I think Brigid has called it right on the nose. Socialism by any other name still stinks to high heaven, and is doomed to fail after destroying a lot of good people and families.

After a long career in a service industry, and now a second one in education, I have seen the results of many administrations. In every single one…. those that promised a large swath of new and expanded social services have raised taxes. In every single case, the ‘less than rich’ took the hit. That means my middle class working family customers had less to spend on family needs because tax increases settled squarely on their shoulders.


Sure… as you say… it’s technically feasible that Obama could find some way to override all his party mates in Congress and steal away their excessive spending power to pay for his vote buying promises, but is it likely? Has it ever happened before under anyone except Reagan?

No…. possible maybe, but only as likely as my regrowing my hair and becoming a ballet dancer. In others words… it’s a foolish point to make. Far more likely the Democrats in Congress will laugh heartily and pay lip service, while they loot the pockets of Americas working people to line their own.

Brigid speaks the truth… and it’s a truth that Socialists hate to have expressed where the masses can see. A Barak Husein Obama presidency will be a financial disaster for working people and families, not just ‘the rich’ such as Obama himself and every single Senator and Representative in and out of prison.

Obama and his cronies refuse to define ‘rich’ because their idea of wealthy includes anyone who (a) works for a living, (b) doesn’t live off government wealth redistribution, and (c) doesn't vote the Democratic party line. Yes, BHO intends to raise taxes… yes he intends to tax the rich…. yes, his party in Congress are already writing the bills to do so….. and YES…. we are all ‘rich’ as far as they are concerned.

Brigid spoke the truth to that hairdresser… who was probably too young and too unaware to know it as such. The middle class working people take it in the shorts every time someone like Barak Husein Obama comes along… and people like her are the losers every time. To say different is to deny all of history.

If Obama wants to show how the ‘Rich’ need to pay more taxes, then he can open his financial records and show how he and his wife (both rich by any standard known) have paid more than they were required to under tax laws. Till then, he hasn’t got a truthful word to say."

I'll stand on my comment. I don't care what Barak Husein Obama's motives are, the end result will be the same. Taxes will go up on working people (the only producers there are in our society) and freedoms will be reduced. Wealth will be redistributed according to communist ideals, with a socialist result and a criminal outcome. The results of the working people's hard labor will be confiscated at gun point (as all taxes are) by Congress and used to build their own power and wealth via financial control and vote buying.

Brigid may have been voicing the words of Ayn Rand in her post, but it was applied in brilliant fashion to our situation today. She has nailed Obamas Marxist plan in a glaring spotlight of reality, and its the kind of writing that drives a stake right through the heart of socialist vampires everywhere.

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