Monday, August 4, 2008

On our shifting society.....

Red and blue.... Red and blue.......Repub or Demo, lib or consy, rural or city, them or us.

I was musing on the variations in our society. Striking to me are the different attitudes that seem so conflicted and irreconcilable. Like oil and water, some things just don't mix without trouble.

With all parties amenable to a live and let live attitude, harmony can be attained. As soon as one party decides their religion/plan/feelings/etc must be enforc
ed on all, then harmony is not on the menu.

As I was considering the ramifications of this, I remarked to myself: "Self, this is why all those people came to America in the first place!" Folks moved to these shores in an effort to get away from those who would control them. They sought freedom of thought, expression, worship, and everything else that mattered to them. Most especially, they moved here to be left alone.

Well, 'Self' responded with: "Yes, that's true, but that can't happen again. There are no new frontiers left on the planet. There's no place left to move to."

Hmmm.... Self has a good point. Moving to a new land in search of freedom is a non-starter now. Short of boldly going where no man has gone before, we are stuck on this crowed planet, unable to really get away from the whackos who dream of controlling their neighbors.

Naturally, Self wasn't finished. Next comes this: "Listen Self, there is more to this. Just because there isn’t a frontier doesn't mean people won't strive to set themselves apart. New nations are still being formed, although it's a bloodier process since there's usually already someone there living on the land."

Good point, as Self usually has. New 'areas' or nations are still being formed as the teaming masses shift. The world is not locked into its form yet, by any means.

What about the people in this nation (Good 'ol USA!) who are unhappy with their neighbors reaching into their pockets and their lives, dictating how they will live and love?

Hmm.... that set Self back a bit. Given no new frontiers, could the USA be looking at a population shift as people search for freedom inside our own shores?

Leave it to Self to come up with a cockamamie answer: "Look , listen up dummy. It's already happening! Do you remember the blue/red county voting map of the 2004 elections?"

I will not be seen talking to myself in public again, so I just nod and keep walking.

"Listen, you dummy. I know you can hear me. People are already shifting to new lands. The red/blue map proves it. That map shows a lot more than just whacky voting swings. It also shows population shift. Look what else the red/blue counties share!"

Drat.... a challenge to think, and me almost totally unarmed....

Ok, what else do the red/blue counties share? Blue... Concentrated population, higher crime rates, higher welfare rates, lower tax revenues, restricted civil rights, violence towards opposing viewpoints, class warfare, poor family structures... (Yuck).

Red..... well, less or none of the above. More freedom, better recognition of civil rights, tough family structures, strong work ethics, tolerance of personal differences.....

I guess Self has a point. The American people are already separating themselves into different lands with different purposes, and doing so with a minimum of blood shed. So far.

I say so far, because I don't think as humans are any different than we were in the 1600's, 1800's, 1900's, etc. Always willing to kill a few million to make a point and get a better spot at the table.

Our nation has split into distinct lands. The melting pot has tipped over and gone out of business. What spilled from the kettle is coagulating back into separate elements, apparently having never been truly mixed in the first place.

What does this mean?
Are there forces behind it?
Is it a natural progression?

A thought:
In difference is energy.
In energy is power.
In power is control.
Those who support difference are likely
in search of the power to control.


aepilot_jim said...

Well said. Scary, but very well said. We were brought up to think of the "indivisible"-ness from the pledge. But, the reality, unfortunately, sometimes steps on that.

pat houseworth said...

Give them, California, Oregon, Washington, and the entire group of New England states....we will take the rest.

We need Florida for some place to vacation, otherwise, I could go for this seperation.

Saladman said...

Hey now! Southern and eastern Oregon are red-state counties; we just get out-voted by the population in the Portland-Salem corridor.

I've often thought that a state reorganization along more federal/republican lines would solve a lot of problems for us, but really that begs the question. The blue cities like majority rule democracy too much to give it up, or we wouldn't be in the mess we're in to begin with.