Sunday, August 3, 2008

I know... I know.... I said I was taking a break.....

Yes, I said I was taking hiatus, but blogging is a hard addiction to break.

While I am away, and scheduled posts pop up here on 'Da Bear', I'm still dropping in.

Take a look at this review on the Uncle Mikes Kydex paddle holster..... I might be reworking mine as mentioned. Interesting idea.


AmericanMercenary said...

They were on sale at "Sportsman's Warehouse" so I got one for my wifes Glock 19 and my 1911.

For the money you can't go wrong.

Brigid said...

It's nice and compact looking, but you're right, they don't conceal well under anything other than a loose shirt.

Still. . for some situations, or wardrobe. very nice.

DJK said...

I just got a full size M&P....I finally shot a 9th place in one of the local matches.....I'm usually down in the twenties with the Glock 21. So....I LOVE IT!

Oh're talking about a holster here. Oops.