Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Scottish Muslims offended by puppies

Things like this can't be made up. To be made up, even a fairy tale, there must be some sense to a story. In this case, only an utterly whacko brand of humanity could cook up something this unbearably stupid.

Offended by a cute little puppy? THAT is all they have to worry about??
CLEARLY They need something happening in their lives that lets them
put puppies in proper perspective, or at least lets them shut their mouths at
appropriate moments.

YO! Scottish Muslims who are offended by puppies! Yeh, YOU!
Take a look right here... IGNORE that offensive puppy.....
Read these words carefully..... and take them to heart.


You want someone to pick on? Leave the puppy alone and try me on for size. I am likely the single most offensive person you will ever meet in your life, and I am waiting for you. Right here. Come and get it.

How offensive? Ask me what I think of a religion or a prophet that tells people puppies are bad..... just try me... if you really want to be offended.

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pat houseworth said...

2 words: "Screw Islam"