Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Random notes....

Good morning friends...

In a few spare moments before going to work, some random musings.

As I was riding along this morning, thoughts popped into my head that I wanted to blog. Knowing the short term memory is going to dump the next time a squirrel runs past, I started looking for a way to take notes while I drive.
Grab my PDA which has a voice recorder? No, it's in my bag behind the seat... too hard to reach in traffic. How about writing real notes on paper... No, too dangerous to do while driving in traffic.

Ah! There's the answer! Turn my digital camera around and hit the one button that fires it off as a video camera with sound. Instant voice/video note recorder!

I love technology!

Regarding our pres election, and the amazingly poor choice we have been given...

I have a lifetime of experience working with various technologies. I DO things. I FIX things. I teach people how to do it. My whole life has been spent looking for solutions to problems. Monkey attempts to try this, try that. Sometimes reasoning my way through a problem, like an intelligent human being.

Now... faced with a choice between Barack 'Gimme your cash sucka' Obama and
John 'Whats my position today?' McCain, I see no good trails to ride. It appears to be a problem with no solution. Anyway we play the cards, we end up with non-functional crud.

In the technology world.... when faced with a problem like this.... as often as not we scrap the works and rebuild.


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Anonymous said...

Hmm... maybe vote for a third party candidate that you like? Better that revolution, no?