Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Remember when you were a kid?

Walking a trail by the river, I came across this nice little pool.
Man made of course, or maybe better said 'kid made'.

Under a bridge, over which travels a back country gravel road, this shady spot has been turned into a cool and quiet bathing pool. A native rock wall piled across the stream, all taken from under the water where the pool was to be. Simple ingenuity of children... being children.

Children allowed to run and play, explore, learn, and grow. Children allowed to be ...... kids.... for a time. It's a safe bet these youngens will remember just glimpses of their coming school year, and most of these memories will be of stolen glances at new found love interests, too shy to speak, only barely brave enough to look back after passing in the hall. But..... it's also a safe bet these kids will remember the pool they built under the bridge, and the great times soaking in the cold stream fed water with the bestest buddies. They'll remember that when much else fades with time.

Years have passed... many years.... I have forgotten so much..... but I remember my own mountain stream, and the pool we swam in. How the rocks were slick and smooth, and the water so cold we shook from shock after diving in.

I remember.... what it was like to be these kids.

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