Wednesday, July 23, 2008

On the value of a moral compass

There are few things of more value to a person than a healthy and well calibrated moral compass.

I am not speaking of religion, although that can help some people act in a semblance of morality, in rare cases.

I am speaking of a certainty of right and wrong. Is an action right, or wrong? A belief, a law, a statement, a thought..... you name it. The ability to judge right from
wrong with enough certainty to act is key to a healthy personality and character.

Do not look to the law for help. Hear me now..... Legal vs. illegal does not have anything to do with right vs. wrong. It never has and never will.

Doubt the validity of this statement? Can you hear Judge Dredd (Sly Stalone) in your head saying "It's Da LAWWwwww"?

Remember these points when you hear "Because it's the law":

  • It was legal to own slaves in the United States, and beat them to death when you wished.
  • It was illegal for woman to vote in the United States for much of our national history.
  • It was illegal for blacks to own firearms in most southern states up until the 1950's. (This is the genesis of most of our national gun control laws).

The point is this.... Don't look for the law to be a moral record of right and wrong. By the same token religion in almost all its forms has neatly removed itself
from the arena as well. History is replete with wars and atrocities performed by humans acting under orders from other humans reporting to act under orders from various gods.

No buck to be passed here.... "Ve Vere only following Orders" will never be an acceptable defense.

Every person needs a sense of right vs. wrong, a moral compass if you will.

Where do you get it from?

Still working on that point..... Back later.


Earl said...

Have you decided that keeping felons from restoration of their civil rights (voting, holding office, and carrying weapons) is only a new way to keep large portions of the African Americans out of the government?

Shrugged says: said...

Earl, the thought never occurred to me.

Now that I do think about it... No, I don't think it could be a conspiracy like that. Government already has a percentage of 'minority' workers thats in the majority in many cases. I don't see that it makes any difference.

Government is funny business. It draws the best and the worst of us. So many folks gravitate to government out of a desire to use their skills to help their neighbors. These people are balanced by those who move to government as a means of power, to fulfill greed, or push personal agendas.

The best and the worst....
I've known people in government work, black and white, who were some of the finest people I've ever met. I've also met some who I wouldn't spit on if they burst into flames.

DJK said...

This is good stuff. I'm puttin' the bear on the blogroll and in the aggregator.