Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Bore cleaning patches.... well DUH!

From the 'Yes, I am an idiot sometimes' file......

This evening I was swabbing out the bores on a few rifles.
Those I shoot corrosive ammo in get cleaned every few weeks, whether I shoot
them or not. It's fast and easy, and has saved me from disappointment a few times.

My supply of cleaning patches was running low..... darn.
Having what I thought was bright idea, I asked the lady of this house if she had
fabric like 'this', showing her a patch. (She sews as a hobby, and is amazing in her skills).

She took a look at it, then handed me an old sheet and a pair of scissors.
I looked at the sheet....... and told her I had been paying $8 a thousand for cleaning patches.. She had the good grace not to call me an idiot, but she did laugh a while.

Old sheet.....scissors...... damn.


pat houseworth said...

I've had to pass some brain gas on occasion as well.

William the Coroner said...

Yes, but what's your time worth? I like to iron my all cotton shirts, but at $2.00 a pop, I have the little Chinese guy do it instead of taking a hour to do four shirts properly. It's all about trade offs

Shrugged says: said...

William.... Time? Snip, snip.... another 5 patches ready. It's all in how the cloth is folded... (g).

Besides, it puts me in mind of the civil war soldiers cutting their shirt tails to use as bullet patches.
I like connections to history, even frail ones like this.