Monday, July 14, 2008

Listen to Barack 'Soy un mexicano' Obama

Hopey Changey......

Here is the whole speech... not just the few moment sound bite.

I think it might be the clearest thing BHO has said so far. If he is elected, then border control and immigration enforcement as we know it now are things of the past. I think..... or maybe he said something else..... or maybe he was talking
about Martian squirrels.... it's kinda hard to pin his words to meanings.

Here.... BHO talks about his health care plan. He outlines a massive upheaval of our health care system in which tax payers buy civil service level health insurance for all the uninsured people in the country. The average drug addict wandering the street will have the same health care service as Nancy 'rip his nuts off' Pelosi. The only part of this I believe is where my taxes go up.....

In fact.... thats the only thing I believe when this man speaks. OUR TAXES ARE GOING UP.

Rather than judge the man on news reports, blog posts, and hearsay, I have spent some time this morning listening to him speak via recorded speeches and interviews. On the whole, the opinion I have formed is this: Barack Hussein Obama has almost no firm stance on any issue. His words can mean anything, or nothing. On the few occasions he's actually said something concrete, he has shortly afterward said he meant something different. He spouts the same words and phrases over and over again, in many venues and contexts, and all are so flexible and meaningless that unthinking people hear what they want to hear. These phrases appear to be carefully designed to make this slight of hand happen.

But.... don't take my word for it. Go listen for yourself. Listen closely, look for solid meanings and hard statements, and make up your own mind.

As for me..... I've had enough of this for now. It's making me nauseous and I was hoping to eat breakfast this morning.


pat houseworth said...

This guy has the low IQ crowd peeing their collective pants...The (Half) Black Messiah indeed.

DJK said...

The thought of this guy being elected makes me physically ill... I get a tingling sensation in my leg just thinking about him....I think it's a stroke or a heart attack or something.