Sunday, July 13, 2008

$8 a gallon gasoline.... what will it mean to you?

Clear your mind. Try and shut down any preconceived notions about anything.

Now, Try to imagine our economy, in it's entirety, as best you can. Think of it not in detail, but as an amorphous mass swirling to currents and eddies of supply and demand. Think of the resources that supply it, the demand that drives it, and the insane regulations that 'control' it.

Now, think more specifically about petrochemicals.... oil that is... Texas tea. Look at how oil as an energy source and a base chemical is interwoven throughout our economy... touching every facet in one way or another. The food you eat is grown using petrochemical based fertilizers, and hauled on trucks and trains powered by diesel fuel. The clothes you wear are made with petrochemicals..... The plastic in the monitor you read this on..... comes from oil. Everything you buy at the store, almost everything you touch in your life.... transported by oil based energy.

YOUR butt carried to your job.... by oil based energy..... and your employment is in some way deeply effected by oil based energy.

Got this in your head as best you can? Take a moment if you need too.....

Now... in your head..... double the price of oil. $8 a gallon gasoline, $9 a gallon diesel fuel, $7 a gallon heating oil. Double the operating costs of transportation across the board, in the space of two weeks.

Now, imagine how this will effect your life.

Folks.... pay attention to the world around you.


aepilot_jim said...

As a charter pilot. I'm already there. It scares the hell out of me.

Mulligan said...

if salaries dont climb up, and they won't, its just not do-able for the average working class family... they'll go belly up.

pat houseworth said...

We are in a world of hurt....and all the talking coming out of Washington is pure BS. Doesn't matter whether Barack Insane Obama, or Juan McCain gets elected...we are in a world of hurt. And that hurt is coming at us like a freight train.