Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Flash! Jesse Jackson wants to castrate Barak Obama!

Nope... can't make this stuff up.

Jackson ignored the first rule of politics.... ALL mics are live... and
said he 'Wanted to cut Obama's nuts off'.

Yup.... I'm sure an apology will make up for THAT little tidbit.


Breda said...

Yep. Liberals are such pacifists, aren't they?

William the Coroner said...

Are we sure that Obama does, in fact, have nuts? This may be purely theoretical on Jesse's part.

pat houseworth said...

Actually Jesse Jackass should have done that to himself before conceiving that "love child" a few years back.

I actually think this is a plan to gain more support for poor little Barack, you know?, show him some love whitey, he's getting none from Jesse and Al.