Wednesday, June 25, 2008

What will the Supremes say?

There are a lot of people waiting..... waiting...... and waiting some more to hear what the Supreme Court will say about the second amendment. This is the first time they have taken a serious look at it in several generations.

This can go several ways, but indications are pointing to this; Individual rights might take a leap forward in the next day or so.

The anti-rights crowd have their nighties in knots over this, and rightly so. If the decision goes against DC and their total ban on self defense then many other such laws will be 'under the gun' as it were. There are cities, states, and even towns that have laws which limit or eliminate the right of common citizens to self defense, typically excepting the powerful elite or politically connected. If Scotus decides in favor of citizens rights, then each of these entities can expect strong challenges in the next few years. Next thing we know, Little old ladies might have lives deemed as valuable as powerful politicians.

Oh Boy! This is exciting!


pat houseworth said...

Hopeful that the court somehow manages to get Justice Kennedy's head out of his ass and they throw out the DC law.

b-t-w, Welcome to the Blog Word of Google.

Shrugged says: said...

Pat... rumor is that Scalia is writing the opinion.

Maybe tomorrow? We shall see!

Thank you for the welcome!