Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Obama, McCain...... the best we can do?

While reading at Mike-istan, I read a thought common to me these days.

Obama is the very best the Democrats have to offer us..... A small time lawyer who pulled less than a term in the Senate, and has no job qualifications other than an ability to give speeches some people like hearing.

McCain is the best the Republicans have to offer, an elderly war hero who has vacillated so often in Congress he oughta grease himself each morning to cut down friction, and lessen global warming.

Thats it? Thats the best our political system has to offer?

It's embarrassing...

At this point my inclination is we could probably draft an Alpaca named Eugene and have a better contestant. At least it would be cute and furry, giving useful wool too.

It causes me to wonder if there is not some conspirational force behind these selections. Is it possible our system is so tits-up that it really chooses these people as our best possible options for future commander in chief and leader of one of the most powerful nations on this earth? Is it more likely these folks are chosen for us to choose among.... because they serve as good lightning rods while others are doing their power brokering in the back ground?

Maybe it's time to rethink how this is done..... and perhaps back off that whole 'leader of the free world' notion. A lemonade stand might be more than we can handle right now.

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