Saturday, June 28, 2008

So.... what are you having for breakfast? Corn Bread!

Hmmm...... Corn bread!
Made the old fashioned way, with Jiffy mix!
Add in enough honey to the mix... enough to show the love.

Have the eggs and milk room temperature on the counter, while the
oven heats to full temperature. Place the cast iron pan in the oven
while it heats.... so it's smoking hot as well before the batter pours in.

What? You don't make corn bread in a cast iron pan? Thats not right!
Good Corn bread comes from sputtering hot cast iron... period. Without it
the crust isn't crunchy and sweet.

Let the oven and the pan heat for twenty minutes past when you think
its to full temperature, just to make sure. Right before it's ready, mix all the wet ingredients (Milk, eggs, honey) till they are well blended. Then dump in the Jiffy mix and fold till it's decently mixed. Under no circumstances beat it.... just fold to mix. Small lumps are good... leave them. If it's beaten, it will not be corn bread.

Let it stand only moments while the pan is prepped. Carefully pull the pan from the oven and drop in a dollup of bacon grease. If you haven't any (the horror!) then use a big lump of butter. Swirl it around till the whole pan is greased. Too much is the goal here... as it will soak into the bread as it cooks.

Pour in the batter, scraping it into the pan fast. It is already cooking, and time is important here. Get that pan back into the oven and set the timer for fifteen minutes. About when the timer goes off, begin to hover.

The corn bread is done when the center lifts and gives a slight hollow thud when tapped. The crust will be GBD.... Golden Brown and Delicious.....

Remove the pan from the oven, and flip it over onto a plate right away. Set the pan aside..... Place another plate on top o
f the bread and flip it. Remove the first plate and...... Shezam! Perfect corn bread!


Lin said...

Cornbread, frittata ... food wars. Lord, just let me be caught in the cross fire, just this teeny once, okay?.

Have you ever tried cornbread in those old cast iron 'ear of corn' pans? I have a couple of those hanging around here somewhere. Not a shippable item though - you'll have to show up and use one to convince me to let you go home with one.

Shrugged says: said...


I have tried one of those 'corn bread' molds. Stuck like crazy,, way more than my patience could endure.

I used mine to cast lead ingots for making bullets... for that it worked like a charm!