Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Okay... made it this far through the day.

This morning I spent at school, rebuilding my students locker room. Two coats of fresh paint, repaired the lockers... and it looks good now. Far better than the prison-chic it used to.

The school budgeted a few days with two people, and I did all the work solo in eight hours. I just can't waste the time by stretching the job, but I sure wish it had taken longer. Spending time with hard work in front of me is a good thing just now. I've taken on more, too. Most days will be filled for the rest of the month, one way or another. The worst it can do is kill me, and few would mourn that.

After the mornings work, a quick swing past the post office to ship something, and then a few hours invested in a gun shop crawl. Lot's of talent, but nothing that made me stop for long. There are some funds, as an upcoming trip is now canceled and I had money set aside for it, but the cash looked better to me than the tools. There was one FN Patrol rifle..... maybe I'll go back for that one. I have room for a solid 7.62 accuracy platform. At $600 it was not overpriced, but putting optics on it would be pricey.

After the ride, I took a walk through market. I decided a decent dinner would do me good, so a very thick and very tender strip steak followed me home. $12 worth of happy cow chunk alongside some broiled and seasoned asparagus was good enough to give me an appetite. As long as I have a taste for life, I have a reason to get up in the morning.

Yes, that is a glass of good bourbon next to my steak. I expect such a thing will become far more common in my life from now on.


Old NFO said...

I gotta go get me a steak... sigh...

Carteach0 said...

Jim, I had a conversation with someone a while back, about dieting.

I said "Sometimes you need to eat something you just love, no matter the calorie cost. It reminds you why life is worth living"

Prophetic on my part, but unintentionally so.