Monday, July 6, 2009

Another data point for the equation......

A science teacher back in 7th grade once told me "If you can gather enough data, any situation eventually becomes clear". (I enjoyed Mr. Godwin's class immensely.)

I offer this as a data point, and note that it's just one tiny piece of information.

This essay/post/article has been making the rounds on the internet. I managed to track it back to the source, which I just linked. I also checked to see if the author is as stated, an instructor of law enforcement courses at the college level. It appears he is. Does that make his essay more important? I don't think so, but it does seem to open up an avenue not normally clear to civilians; what some sworn officers are thinking.

An excerpt:

What is odd about this new fear is that it is not coming from the average citizen gun owner out there, but it is coming from what to me is an almost shocking source: street cops. Street cops and SWAT cops that I know from various agencies – rural, suburban and metro – in my area are scared. Cops that before November 2008 never gave much thought (that I knew of anyway) to politics or more importantly to gun rights. For the most part, these are the guys that didn’t generally have any interest in shooting or gun ownership beyond keeping track of where their duty gun is, and a few of them didn’t even do that so well.

The guys I am talking about are some of the same guys who used to not even carry off duty on a regular basis- but not anymore. They don’t scare easily, defenders of the Constitution of this State and the United States (as our oath of office reads), have been buying ARs, survival gear, and all the ammo they can lay their hands on. All of them (or I should say “us”) have been discussing and have been acquiring guns to provide a layered perimeter defense.

Read the original for the rest, and take it for what you will. As for myself, another data point added to the shifting equation.


Rev. Paul said...

Definitely food for thought, isn't it?

Carteach0 said...

Yes Rev, it is. I single it out solely because hearing such thoughts from our law enforcement people is unusual. Perhaps they speak of such amongst themselves, but they are understandably tight about it to the outside world.

Crucis said...

Looks like we were thinking in parallel. I posted the same item yesterday although I found it via a different route.

It does bear thinking. I've had people approach me about getting a gun or CCW that I'd never thought would have done so. Some were die-hard liberals who are getting scared of their government after seeing how out-of-control our Congress had gotten.