Sunday, June 14, 2009

That's when someones true character appears...

I have a few words to say to my class that last week of school, after all the grades are in and most of the pressure is off.

I tell them "Now that the grades are entered for the final time... now that attendance no longer counts... now that work accomplished won't bring points... NOW is when a persons true character shines through".

I explain that some students will continue working, and continue learning this final week. Others will coast... while still others will stop doing anything worthwhile at all. Some... will turn mean and damage as much as they can. With the understanding that behavior, good or bad, will no longer bring external reward or consequence this is the time that teachers get to really see what they have accomplished. The true nature of their students comes forward. It can be the most astoundingly rewarding time of the school year, and the most disappointing.

Lately I have heard some whining, and downright angst, among liberal bloggers and news outlets. It seems the government they elected is not the government they thought it was going to be. There's no point in expounding on the litany of flip flops and broken campaign promises.... they are like wobbly piles of failed novels, stacked high and wide... and threatening to come crashing down.

I would put forth the notion that those recently put into power have their true character shining through. Their grades no longer count, and discipline no longer applies. Strong arm Chicago politics is now national policy, and any journalist, prosecutor, or investigator who asks the wrong questions will be beat down and silenced. Poling places will be open bastions of intimidation, and the party 'faithful' will fall into line... or else.

J.C. Watts once said in a speech before the Republican convention "Character is what you do when no one is looking".

I would paraphrase, and say "Character is what shows when you no longer care who is looking".


William said...

There was an op-ed piece on the NYT site today. Frank Rich's. Dissent is being framed as "Obama-hating" and leading to white supremacists and shootings of abortion providers. Either Rich has drunk deeply of the Kool-aid, or this is really scary.

Crucis said...

Amen. Truth spoken.

Old NFO said...

EXCELLENT post! And the truth shall set you free!