Saturday, June 13, 2009

Stray thoughts

Most thoughts flee my intellect as quick as they appear. Sometimes I get a chance to visit with my thoughts as they flicker past.

One today, as I was reading Old NFO's post.....

Is it worth getting angry over that boob Letterman and his sick attempt at humor? No, not really. Sure, he called a sitting female governor 'slutty' and made allusions to her minor daughter being raped by some animal posing as a human.... and yes, that is disgusting and shameful of any man to say. But is it worth getting angry over?
No... it's not. It's worth dealing with, and worth some outrage, but not anger or hurt feelings. You see.... David Letterman is of a class of people who have no understanding or concept of shame, honor, or integrity. Its as alien to them as anti-lock brakes on a sea slug.

Expecting the likes of Letterman to behave within some social construct that limits actions and words is ridiculous. Getting angry or upset over what leaks from his mouth, or what he uses for a brain, is at the least a waste of time and more likely just plays into the hands of such folks. People like that will say or do something far beyond the pale of civilized society simple to achieve that emotional advantage over their opponents. Don't give them the ammunition, and don't let them find an exposed target. You can't shame them, and they'll just smile at you as they twist the knife of indecency into your stomach.

Another thought, as I read of yet another useless gun control law that will effect only law abiding citizens.

A press conference I'd like to see......

Senator: "The law we have just passed will once again bring common sense gun control into the realm of possibility! No longer will death dealing .50 caliber weapons be available to terrorists on very street corner!

Reporter: "Mr. Senator! A question! Now that you have outlawed honest law abiding citizens from owning muzzle loading rifle and such, could you please explain how you will stop violent criminals from getting weapons?"

Senator: "You didn't hear what I said, did you? We just outlawed these engines of terror and pilots will no longer have to fear being shot down over their own airports!"

Reporter: "Yes, I heard you.... you passed a law that says honest law abiding citizens cannot have rifles with a bore that's half an inch wide. I heard you plain as day.... now just what are you going to do to keep them away from criminals? They don't obey the laws you pass.... that's why they are called criminals!"

Senator: " It's time for me to be going now, as there are no more questions....."

Reporter: "Can I quote you Mr. Coward.... ah..... Mr. Senator?"

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Crucis said...

I just wish some reporter had to guts to say that.