Saturday, June 6, 2009

Simple pleasures


Some flavors are so full and distinct, they need no embellishment or accompaniment. For me, a good baked sweet potato is one of them. A little butter, a little salt... and a fork. I feel the same about Idaho bakers, and will sometimes settle down to a meal of nothing more complicated than one simple potato, with a pat of butter.

It's reminder of a simpler time, as I grew up on a farm. New potatoes, freshly dug, simmered in broth and eaten for lunch. A basket of sweet peas... picked and shelled just for the meal, with the time from plant to pot measured in minutes. Silver Queen sweet corn, a half dozen ears for each of us... and the water boiling before the corn is picked.

Simple pleasures most people will never know. I miss those times. Life has gotten complicated and busy, with duty piled high. Time to rest, recharge, recenter... that must be taken on purpose now, with a will.

I think I'll make a jug of iced tea this evening, and sit out on the porch for a while, watching the bats do their thing in the evening breeze. Later, I might feast on a potato.

What are the simple pleasures of your life?

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Christina LMT said...

Having time to relax and read a good book.

Going to the park with my dogs and not having to rush.

Playing a game with my daughters.

All good things!