Friday, June 5, 2009

Rainy day reloading

As the price of ammunition keeps rising, when it can be found at all... the time I spend reloading looks like a better and better deal.

Today, 150 rounds of 9mm with cast bullets and another 200 with plated bullets. All fairly light practice/target rounds. At the same time fodder was found for a future Carteach0 post.

After that, 60 rounds of match 8x57mm for Sundays military rifle shoot at SLCFSA. Ammo like that can't be bought commercially at any price.

There's something else....

Hand loading requires concentration. One must be there, mentally, to do it right. That means clearing the mind and just dealing with whats on the bench. It's sort of what I suppose meditation to be.

Hand loading is my meditation.

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