Sunday, June 14, 2009

Man shopping

Listen closely friends and you shall hear
A tale of bold 'Man Shopping' to delight your ear
Into the very pits of hell, but with a buying plan
It was Wal Mart at dawn, entered a daring old man

Race to the photo center to print me some prints
Zoom, clip, and crop, seeking the perfect tints
Fire it up nice lady clerk for I'm in a real push
Slug that hot coffee and move that cute tush

Storm the mens clothes to find the sales rack
Seven dollar shirts? Buy the whole bloody pack!
Eight dollar blue jeans, and where is my size?
Snagged every one in stock, thats my prize

An empty checkout line, there must be at least one
It's just past dawn, hardly even a hint of sun!
Pick a young one, with life still in her fingers
Ring me up, ring me up, and please don't linger!

Four shirts, two pants and a bag full of socks
Snagged on the run because Man Shopping rocks!
Only fifty two dollars? Thats a heck of a deal
If it was just a little bit cheaper I'd call it a steal

Out the front door with a satisfied dance
Now reading the watch, how far did it advance?
Only twenty four minutes, a very short mission
That's Man Shopping my friends, in it's finest tradition


Jean said...

hehe...Mars/Venus. ;-)

But, I will concede that you were impressively successful in your venture and ended up happy.
A very good thing, eh? Congratulations!

Rev. Paul said...

Well done, my friend! My idea of shopping is to call ahead for what I want; have it on the checkout counter when I get there, and 5 minutes later I'm doing something else ...

But going in early, while the clerks are still half-way friendly, is a great idea. That means 7 a.m., around these parts.

Well done indeed!

Old NFO said...

Good one! I can be in/out/done before my daughters even decide what store they want to visit... Needless to say, they no longer want to go shopping with me. :-)

Brigid said...

Does that mean you're not going Big Riding The Ponderosa sized riding lawnmower shopping with me?